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2016 Mr. Olympia Classic Physique Report – Arash Robbed! Sadik Gifted

At this years Olympia we witnessed the debut of the Men’s Classic Physique division, or known as classic bodybuilding division. The division is aimed to allow for classic, golden-era physiques to shine where competitors can still hold a good amount of size, but remain aesthetic and show their legs, as in a fashion seen in bodybuilding of the past. As with many other cases, their was an uproar from fans and media about the judging. Here are the results, with out verdict on the competition.

The 2016 Classic Physique Mr. Olympia Results:

1. Danny Hester
2. Arash Rahbar
3. Sadik Hadzovic
4. Breon Ansley
5. Darrem Charles

1st Place – Danny Hester


Danny has a great physique – don’t get me wrong, but up against the competition he was up against, this was no Classic Physique champion. This physique went against many of the principals of the foundation of this division. Arash was clearly robbed, even by normal bodybuilding standards. It is beyond me and many other highly respected analysts as to why Danny won this show. His waist was wider, his hamstrings and back lacked tremendous detail. His shoulders did not compare with any of the competitors – and he was the least aesthetic to top it off.

2nd Place – Arash Rahbar


Possibly the favorite going into the show – and with good reason. Arash was a BIG competitor (which is what the division wants. Be as big as you can, while falling into the weight classes and maintaining a classic, aesthetic physique.) His side chest, front shots, and even the back shots were amazing. Overall, there was no touching this physique. His color was the best on stage. His symmetry was the best on stage. His muscular size was the best on stage and his conditioning was great too (not quite as good as Beron’s, but still great). Very upsetting second for Arash.

3rd Place – Sadik Hadzovic


Sadik has a classical physique. This division is made for him – no doubt, but we did not see a good showing of Sadik today. His proportions were pretty good. His quad size, waist ratio, and shoulders were very proportioned, but he was lacking in many areas that had me honestly counting him out of the top 5. But you know, politics. His conditioning was off compared to the rest of the top 5 (quads were big, but very blurry), his arms seemed to be lacking in size and a little unsymmetrical, he wasn’t hitting the poses very well, and seemed to be hinting at a possible gut issue in the future. Not as much of a robbery as Arash, but still a little too high for his deserved placing.

4th Place – Breon Ansley


Breon was the sharpest and most conditioned on stage. I believe he should have been second behind Arash. He was complete – he might not have had AS classic of a physique, but he was SHARP. He destroyed the competition in the back pose with razor-sharp hamstrings. Great flow and balance.

5th place – Darrem Charles


Overall not a bad placing for Darrem. Even if the top 4 were sorted out correctly, he would have fallen into about this spot regardless. Darrem does well in this division, seeing as how he spent most of his career as an undersized open-category bodybuilder. In condition as always, but seems he just doesn’t have the muscle size and roundness to hang with the top. Top 5 is still a great finish.

My Top 5 – The REAL 2016 Olympia Classic Physique Results

1. Arash Rahbar
2. Breon Ansley
3. Robert Timms
4. Sadik Hadzovic
5. Anybody else

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