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How to Build a Classic Physique

I’ll start this off by saying what most people don’t want to hear – that your structure and the outcome of your physique is largely determined simply by your genetics. That being said, there ARE ways you can build a physique the way you want to look, and there are ...

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IFBB Pro Greg Doucette Talks With Swoletra

Quick Stats: Name: Greg Doucette “pound for pound world’s strongest bodybuilder” Profession: Owner “Doucette personal training and consulting” Place of Birth: Yarmouth NS, Canada Date of Birth: Sept 15, 1975 Residence: Halifax, NS Height: 5’6″ Contest Weight: 195 Off-Season Weight: 210 lbs Chest: 48″ Waist: 32 Arms: 19 ½’ pumped Thighs: ...

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Bradley Martyn Calls out Shredz and Instagram Scammers

Bradley Martyn, a famous Instagram and youtuber that is known for his athleticism, aesthetics, and strength all in one, has recently made a video pointing to a lot of instagram transformations that have been photoshopped. Many of these transformations boast of unrealistic results and photoshop results of users that may ...

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IFPA Natural Pro Alberto Nunez Interview with Swoletra

Alberto Nunez is part of 3DMJ (3d muscle journey) and is known for his sickening conditioning, appearances on youtube videos, and many other contributions to the bodybuilding world and the natural bodybuilding world. Let’s see what Alberto is all about. 00

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