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Kevin Levrone Announces 2016 Mr. Olympia Comeback!

Kevin Levrone, a legend in the sport of bodybuilding, has announced his comeback at the 2016 Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas. It has been many years since he has competed but if anybody can make a comeback, it’s him, and here’s why: 00

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Dorian Yates’ Hardgainer Chest Workout Routine

Dorian Yates, 6-time Mr. Olympia, is known for some of the most intense and heavy training of his time. He brought around a new style of training that was all out, intense, and somewhat short in duration. And it worked – Dorian was one of the first real “mass monsters” ...

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The Top Exercises To Build Big Forearms

Many do not consider forearm training as a high priority item. Huge upper arms, a barrel chest, and thick quads are what most are after in any given gym in America – but what about the details? Sweating the small stuff is what completes a physique from head to toe. ...

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