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Top Classic Physiques of 2016

The new Classic Physique division is a division that hopes to bring the lines, proportions, and aesthetics back to the IFBB while still allowing for some size to be held. It is as the name says – a promotion of physiques that were classic in the 70’s and 80’s, where ...

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Kevin Levrone 5 Weeks Out From 2016 Olympia Compares Pics With 1997 Precontest Pictures – 250+ lbs

The return of Kevin Levrone to the Olympia stage is the talk of this years competition. Being over 50 years old, Kevin Levrone is one that if anybody could make a comeback at that age, he would have the best chance. His joints are that of a 20-year old. His ...

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Post Contest Diet, Cycle, And Training Protocols

For those that have competed before, the inevitable feeling of being “lost” post show is common amongst bodybuilders.  It’s common for people to have a tough time easing back into a “normal” diet – or a diet that is less restrictive, and to recalculate goals after being in “mission mode” ...

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The Top 5 Best Sarms for Building Muscle and Burning Fat

SARMS, otherwise known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are an excellent way to keep your estrogen levels lowered, while increasing the amount of androgens that actually get absorbed. The best thing about SARMs is the manner in which the muscle tissue will be greater affected in an isolated fashion versus ...

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