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The Prioritization Pyramid – Bodybuilding’s 5 Most Important Factors From Most Important to Least

While you may learn many things from this article that are completely new to you, the main objective is to organize the importance of the factors and variables that lead to the most complete, aesthetic, proportional bodybuilding “package” that you can bring to the stage, or just for personal development. ...

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Branch Out: The Latest Research Shows That BCAA’s Are Vital To Your Supplement Regimen

To get high-quality seal of approval, a protein must contain all eight essential amino acids. Animal proteins, dairy products, eggs and whey all stand tall in this category. But research now indicates that the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) isoleucine, leucine and valine are the real drivers behind muscle gain in ...

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Rich Piana Sucker Punched at LA Fit Expo by “Mac Truck”

At the LA Fit expo just recently, Rich Piana was hit by one of his former 5% athletes “Mac Truck” and his MMA athlete, referred to in the video by simply “Alex”, got a soccer kick to the fact that left him KO’d. As you can see in the video, ...

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