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Arnold Classic 2016 Preview and Predictions

The annual 2016 Arnold Schwarzenegger classic is approaching and there is a lot of speculation about competitors new and old and how the sport is developing and changing after Arnold’s comments last year about the physiques that graced – or disgraced – the stage

One of the biggest spotlights is the return to previous champion and Olympia-runner up Kai Greene. Kai stepped out of the Olympia in a very controversial story – some whom say Kai was trying to hold AMI ransom for free booth space to push his new supplement brand, other stories saying he simply wasn’t allowed to compete, and Bob Chick and Phil Heath’s side – that Kai Had the contract and was even allowed to compete up until the day before, had he signed it.

The Arnold last year boasted a huge Justin Compton, who comes in very good condition but suffered a huge regression in his aesthetics due to his abdomen sticking out. Similarly, Branch Warren wasn’t exactly a pleasing physique either. This year, we have the addition of Kai Greene as well as the newest and youngest IFBB pro, Cody Montgomery.

Video From 2015 Arnold Classic:

Our top 5 (and why):

1st – Kai Greene

Kai Greene is simply on another level than the rest of the competition – placing second many times to Phil Heath at the Olympia. Unless he screws something up and as many say, can’t mentally stay strong in the game, this is his show to lose.


2nd – Justin Compton

If Justin fixes what he needs to and comes in with the additional size (that he seems to keep putting on even after the last Arnold), then he will be a force to recon with. He did appear a little spilled over when I saw him at the last years arnold, which wasn’t as indicative of his conditioning from where it was just weeks out.


3rd – Cedric McMillan

Arnold himself was very upset with Cedric’s placing last year, and as well as boasting a classic physique, Cedric might be able to snag his way into the top 3 with the new posing scoring system that has been introduced. He often battles coming in flat vs full while maintaining his conditioning.


4th – Branch Warren

If Dexter Jackson isn’t a factor, Branch Warren will probably be in the top 5, simply because he has the ability to bring a huge, grainy, and ripped physique to the stage. I don’t suspect any higher than this though, since the aesthetics factor is hopefully making a return.


5th – Josh Lenartowicz (dark horse)

I would love to see Josh come in and shock the world. He is not a very known name, but has a ton of mass and a physique that resembles Dorian Yates. If he makes a spectacular showing, a top 5 placing is not unreasonable.


Honorable Mention – Cody Montgomery

Cody is the youngest IFBB pro, and in an interview with 4-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, is making a great decision by jumping on stage quick after turning pro and getting his name out there. Who knows, he may hang with the big boys, but a top 5 place finish isn’t likely. He simply doesn’t have the mass yet to compete, but he has a very pleasing physique which may go far even in his debut.

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