Arnold Classic 2018 Preview – Dennis Wolf’s Return, The Most Stacked Lineup?

Dennis Wolf, 2014 winner of the Arnold Classic Open Bodybuilding division will be making his return to the stage after facing a possibly career ending injury to his neck that required surgery and screws to be implanted into his neck. In the past few years, we saw Dennis transform into a shell of his former self, and strive to gain his size back in his documentary “Lost Gains”. There are no recent shirtless pictures of Dennis’ physique, and he still appears to be a little downsized, but there is still plenty of time to “grow into the show” as many pros have the ability to do.

Our first question – Is Kai Greene Competing in the 2018 Arnold Classic?

So far he is not on the competitors list, which is strange seeing as how he has been away from the competitive scene but still maintains an incredibly large, in-shape physique year round. Kai does not need prize money to get by, seeing as how he is one of the most popular bodybuilders currently today, but is losing his relevancy in the competitive scene little by little as the years pass by.

Big Ramy late 2017 claimed he would be competing in the Arnold Classic 2018, but has not yet been confirmed on the competitors list, so it is unclear if he will be competing or not. If he does, and comes in Olympia shape or better, it’s his show to lose.

Cedric McMillan, last years winner, can either be the winner or any placing in the top 10. Cedric’s consistency is the issue and while he has the mass, shape, lines, and aesthetics to win the show again, nailing the conditioning and fullness consistently has proven to be the determining factor in his success.

William Bonac, coming off a 3rd place placing at the 2017 Mr. Olympia (which he could have easily been 2nd or even won without much debate) is another favorite to win the show. William Bonac has a shorter physique and torso, closely resembling a battle similar to Kai Greene and Cedric McMillan that took place in the 2016 Arnold Classic, where Kai Greene won in the finals and due to his posing routine by only one point. William seems to be getting better and better so if I was a betting man, I’d put my money on Bonac.

Shawn Rhoden and Dexter Jackson both have had multiple top-5 Olympia placings and Arnold Classic placings and could easily take the show as well. Shawn Rhoden has seemed to do better in the last few years than Dexter, but “the blade” seems to never age and if the rest of the competition is off or not at 100 percent, Dexter could easily claim another Arnold Classic title. The previous Mr. Olympia winner is nearing 50-years old but states he is going to keep competing until his body and placings begin to fall off.

Other predictions for top 10 placings include Josh Lenartowicz, a bodybuilder from Austraila that has cemented himself into the bodybuilding top 10 with one of the larger, well balanced physiques. On any given day there is no reason why Josh couldn’t also make a top-5 finish. Roelly Winklaar, Jonathan De La Rosa, Maxx Charles, and Lionel Beyeke all fall into the “if they can nail it” category of whether or not they place top 5. All of the names listed have the tools to do well in one of the most competitive Arnold Classic competitions ever.

The 212 division features a blend of seasoned veterans as well as newcomers to the scene, featuring Hadi Choopan, a competitor that to the belief of many should have beaten reigning 212 Olympia Champ Flex Lewis in their last contest together. Choopan has a great balance of size and razor conditioning and much more detail than the rest of the division. If he is judged fairly, it is likely to be a battle between him

and Jose Raymond for the first place prize. Hidetada Yamagishi, a top-5 212 competitor has returned back to the open class for this competition, where he has also been very successful in the past.

The Classic Physique division features one of the biggest competitor classes with tons of new talent. Current Classic Physique Mr. Olympia Breon Ashley is our favorite to take the contest, but since the division is still new and talent is making its way out of the woodwork, the top 10 is anyone’s guess. An extra 5 lbs has been added to the height and weight caps which may prove to be a difference in many of the physiques, seeing as how some physiques were already struggling to make weight, where others had not even come close to their cap. will post the results, review, and incoming updates to the contest as more information is released.

Competitor List:

Open Division

Lionel Beyeke
William Bonac
Maxx Charles
Jonathan De La Rosa
Dexter Jackson
Steve Kuclo
Josh Lenartowicz
Cedric McMillan
Paul Poloczek
Shawn Rhoden
Luis Rodriguez
Fred Smalls
Roelly Winklaar
Dennis Wolf
Hidetada Yamagishi

Arnold Classic 212

Hadi Choopan
Gaetano Cisternino Jr.
Charles Dixon
David Henry
Kyung Won Kang
Jose Raymond
Samir Troudi

Arnold Classic Physique

Armando Aman
Breon Ansley
Santiago Aragon
Lee Banks
RD Caldwell
Ko Chandetka
Eric Dankwa
Tony Davis
Roger Ferrer
Kevin Ford
Aaron Futel
Dion Harris
Valentino Harris
Shavis Higa
Andrew Landis
Jason Lowe
Nhon Ly
Svetozar Milehkovic
Christopher Niemczyk
Courage Opara
Kenneth Owens
Matt Pattison
Panexce Pierre
Sharif Reid
AJ Shukoori
Silvio Toranzo
Kevin Wilson
Dani Younan

Men’s Physique

Sunny Akhigbe
Maurice Benton
Travales Blount
George Brown
Steven Cao
Victor Clark
Louis Dominique Corbeil-Fiset
Jacques Dalce, Jr.
Nimai Delgado
Raymont Edmonds
Andre Ferguson
Brenden Floyd
Logan Franklin
Xavisus Gayden
Geder Gomes
Willie Green
Frank Griffin
Henry James
Brandon Hendrickson
Dante Jones
Shawn Labega
Jacques Lewis
Otto Montgomery
Stan Morrison
Michael Mperey
EJ Nduka
Joshua Ohashi
Scott Schulze
Kai Spencer
David Thorpe
Jeffrey Vialu
Long Wu

Fitness International

Tiffany Chandler
Regiane Da Silva
Kristine Duba
Kate Errington
Ryall Graber
Whitney Jones
Sally Kendall-Williams
Ariel Khadr
Becca Sizemore
Missy Terwilliger
Aurika Tyrgale
Bethany Wagner
Derina Wilson

Bikini International

Romina Basauldo
Tawnya Eubanks
Margret Gnarr
Tamara Haddad
Ashley Kaltwasser
Janet Layug
Sheena Martin
Breena Martinez
Justine Munro
Katya Nosova
Frida Paulsen Stern
Elisa Pecini
Camile Periat
Jessica Renee
Jennifer Ronzitti
Angelica Teixeira
Casey Samsel
Ruth Wood
Elizabeth Yisrael

Women’s Physique

Tomefafa Ameko
Michaela Aycock
Marjorie Beck
Karolina Borkovcova
Priscila Cavilha
Cinzia Clapp
Mariko Cobbs
Natalia Coelho
Suzanne Davis
Antoinette Downie
Laura Hays
Shanique Grant
Donna Jones
Dolly Lazarre
Katie Lee
Donna McGinn
Essence Monet
Liz Montalbano
Geraldine Morgan
Kira Neuman
Claudia DeLeon Pardo
Jaquita Person
Donna Pohl
Dani Reardon
Joanna Romano
Diana Schnaidt
Leah Sohn
Mikaila Soto
Casey Stone
Ashley Wagner
Brooke Walker
Laura Zuniga

Pro Wheelchair

Adelfo Cerame Jr.
Antoni Khadraoui
Daniel Minster<
Gabriele Andriulli
Harold Kelley
Johnny Quinn
Joshua Foster
Kyle Roberts
Reggie Bennett
Steven Lister

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