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Big Guts Make Headlines – Arnold Lashes Out

It was brought attention during the most recent Arnold Classic in Ohio that the distended guts seen in bodybuilding today were ruining the sport, said so by the man him self – Arnold Schwarzenegger. His disgust is now making media headlines and spreading to the masses that the pregnant generation of bodybuilders is unacceptable. Arnold himself was known for having a very classic, symmetrical physique that focused on quality and not size.

What causes these bloated bellys?

Most will say it’s a combination of various drugs such as Insulin and high amounts of growth hormone as the main culprit to extending the midsection. This does make sense, since high amounts of growth hormone is responsible for all around organ growth – which includes those around the midsection. As well as with the drugs, being that big requires an insane amount of food consumption. To be able to consume massive quantities of food, you’ll need to stretch your stomach lining to hold all of this. Combine all this with an excessive carb up, constipation from diuretic use, and you have a ripped, pregnant bodybuilder hitting the stage.

Genetics also play a role in how big the waistline will be, but I believe this can be managed with minimal drug use and avoiding over consumption of food, along with simple control over the abdomen. A backstage video of the Arnold Classic showed all of the competitors besides just a few walking around relaxed with their stomachs absolutely massive. Being able to keep the abdomen tight at all times is a must, especially when up on stage posing for extended periods of time.

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