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Massthetics: Top 10 Aesthetic Physiques That Also Have Mass

Aesthetics are making a comeback. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself voiced his opposition to rewarding the blocky, unattractive physiques of modern bodybuilding today. It seems that the biggest, leanest physique is the one that wins, regardless of symmetry, proportion, flow, and many other variables. However, this does not mean all bodybuilders that ...

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Do Squats and Deadlifts Make Your Waist Wider? An In-Depth Look

As we have seen bodybuilding progress throughout the years, we’ve also noticed the progression of not only the total mass of competitors, but their waistlines as well. Bodybuilders now carry close to 300 lbs of shredded mass, but have seem to generally lost the aesthetic and pleasing proportions that were ...

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7 Of The Most Useful Tools In a Bodybuilders Arsenal

As someone who has been through periods where I needed to work 60-70+ hours per week with long commutes, go to school full time, and still attempt to prepare for a bodybuilding competition or even just training for the bodybuilder lifestyle, I’ve always thought of ways to make things more ...

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