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The Top 5 Back Exercises – Improve Your V-Taper With These Movements

In a bodybuilding competition, many will tell you that shows are won from the back. Having an impressive back is crucial for overall power and strength and for bodybuilding in general. Your back consists primarily of your lats, the muscle connecting your armpits to your waist, the traps, the muscle ...

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Muscle-Specific Growth – Biceps, Back and Legs by Menno Henselmans

The Biceps & Brachioradialis The biceps, consisting of a long (outer) and short (inner) head, may seem like a simple muscle with straightforward biomechanics, but it’s in fact a tri-articulate muscle that crosses the elbow, forearm, and shoulder. The short head of the biceps is a shoulder flexor, albeit a ...

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Do Squats and Deadlifts Make Your Waist Wider? An In-Depth Look

As we have seen bodybuilding progress throughout the years, we’ve also noticed the progression of not only the total mass of competitors, but their waistlines as well. Bodybuilders now carry close to 300 lbs of shredded mass, but have seem to generally lost the aesthetic and pleasing proportions that were ...

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