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Bradley Martyn Calls out Shredz and Instagram Scammers

Bradley Martyn, a famous Instagram and youtuber that is known for his athleticism, aesthetics, and strength all in one, has recently made a video pointing to a lot of instagram transformations that have been photoshopped. Many of these transformations boast of unrealistic results and photoshop results of users that may ...

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Bostin Loyd Trains Back and Demonstrates Injectables Post Workout

Bostin Loyd, made famous for his censorship when it comes to bodybuilding and the drug side of the sport, goes through a back workout and shows his post workout injection protocol – right out of his car! Bostin claims to have saved thousands by reusing needles – something he wouldn’t ...

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Dennis Wolf Training Arms 8 Days Out 2015 Mr. Olympia

Dennis Wolf is a perennial top-5 Mr. Olympian and boasts one of the best X-frame’s in the sport. As the Mr Olympia competition nears, Dennis shows he is never short on conditioning in this video, where he trains his arms just a week before the show. 00

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Cedric McMillan vs. Branch Warren – Aesthetics vs. Freak Factor

In this video I compare two very different physiques – that of Cedric Mcmillan and Branch Warren. Branch Warren beat Cedric in this competition, and here I will bring up the points as to why it (in my opinion) wasn’t a good decision and looking at it from all angles, ...

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BroScience Video: How To Bring A Beginner To The Gym

Broscience is continuing to provide high quality and entertaining content to the lifting world. Here is their new video: How to bring a beginner to the gym. Any long-term Gym rat can definitely relate, even with the sarcasm and exaggerations aside, to a few parts of this video. 00

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Video: Bodybuilding vs. Powerlifting – Bodybuilder owns FOUR Powerlifters!

It’s commonly thought that bodybuilders are just able to complete high volume, “pump” workouts, and powerlifters are always the ones that reign supreme on lifting maximal weight, or getting the most weight for the most reps. In this video, we see the opposite. 00

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