Chris Bumstead Profile and Workout Routine/Diet

Age: 21
Height: 6’0” – 183 cm
Contest Weight: 225 lbs – 102 kg
Off Season: 260 lbs – 118 kg

Chris Bumstead is an IFBB Pro Classic Physique athlete that obtained his pro card as an open division bodybuilder. Although he did well in open bodybuilding, his success was more suited for classic physique, so he chose to do that. Chris has placed as high as second at the 2017 Classic Physique Mr. Olympia, and in my opinion, should have won the show. Chris trains very heavy even leading up to the show. Youtube videos can be seen with Chris deadlifting 585 lbs for 5 or more reps, and squatting 500 lbs very deep with ease. He has stated himself he does not look very large in average clothing (usually a problem for those with weak arms) but his physique comes to life on the stage.

Physique Pros:

Extremely wide lats and shoulders, great V-taper. Large and detailed legs. Great shoulders.  Chris comes into every show with amazing condition and symmetry. He does not have a trace of a gut or a wide waist and controls his stomach greatly. He is able to pull a great vacuum pose to further promote the classic physique side of the division.

Physique Cons:

Possibly the only main weakness would be Chris’ biceps. They attach very high on the arm and are not very large. As seen from the side poses, his triceps are not as far behind as his biceps, but genetics are what determine how high up they attach. He can only hope to increase the size enough for them not to be as much of a weakness in his front bicep poses. His back is good, but in the rear-double biceps pose it could use more detail – the main difference between him and the winner, Breon Ashley.


Chris is prepped by his brother-in-law, Iain Valliere, and maintains a 6-meal per day diet. Genetically, he has claimed that if he does not stay consistent with his diet and eat enough meals, his physique looks “skinny-fat”. When eating too much junk, his physique just looks “fat with more muscle”. There are not many pictures with Chris being seen out of shape, even in the off season. As seen in his youtube video and own postings, he follows a high protein, moderate carbohydrate diet with low healthy fats. The most common foods in his diet are:

  • Egg Whites
  • White Fish
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Jasmine Rice
  • Chicken Breast
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Whey Isolate (MHP).


As stated before, Chris trains extremely heavy most of the time, even leading up to the show. Videos on his channel show him pressing 140 lb dumbbells on shoulder press quite easily, squatting 500 lbs with ease, and deadlifting 585 with the same ease. He began his training as a 15-year old (grade 9) in high school, so he has plenty of time for muscle maturity.

Chris Bumstead Chest Training:

Chris Bumstead Shoulder Training:

Chris Bumstead Leg Training:

(Training begins 7 minutes into video)

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