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Classic Physique Steroid Cycle – What Does It Take?

With the NPC and IFBB’s new addition of the “Classic Physique” division, a huge door is opened for competitors that don’t want to push the boundaries in the open bodybuilding division, but also want a little more of a balanced and muscular physique over normal physique competitors. This division emphasizes proportions but still rewards muscularity and conditioning like bodybuilding. The catch? You can only be a certain weight based on your height. 

frank-zane-9A common question comes to mind: How much steroids are required to compete and do well in this division? This division also opens the door for those that do not want to risk their health with rampant steroid and drug abuse. Just as with both physique and open bodybuilding, the drug usage will depend entirely on the individuals genetics, work ethic, diet, etc. There are gym goers that will be pushing more gear than an IFBB professional, yet won’t look as good as a Physique competitor. It is a general idea to use the least amount possible to get the best result.

That being said, it is entirely possible to achieve a physique, say – with the height and weight restrictions of Frank Zane (5’9, 185-190 lbs) with very minimal steroid usage. That’s not saying you will look like Frank Zane, but that amount of muscle in contest condition can be done with one or two compounds. A simple cycle such as 400-500 Milligrams of Testosterone with the addition of an oral compound such as Winstrol at the end of the preparation could easily be enough for most individuals that have average-good genetics, train insane, and have an excellent diet.

Then again, there will always be those that do not believe the results can be achieved on anything less than insane dosages. There WILL be those that are using thousands of milligrams of several compounds just to achieve the same look.

Classic Physique Division Sample Steroid Cycle:

Weeks 16-6:

500 MG Testosterone Enanthate

Weeks 6-1:

500 MG Testosterone Propionate

50 MG Daily Winstrol

Classic Physique Division Sample Steroid Cycle #2:

Weeks 16-8:

500 MG Testosterone Enanthate

Weeks 8-1:

400 MG Testosterone Propionate

250 MG Trenbolone Acetate

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