Online Coaching / Diet Plans

Looking for a customized diet plan to reach your goals, or online coaching to get in shape or compete? I provide both at very reasonable costs.

About me:

Nationally qualified light-heavyweight bodybuilder AND nationally qualified Classic Physique competitor. Nationally Acreddited Certified personal trainer with 8 years of training/bodybuilding experience. My priority is not to make a quick buck, but to see my clients progress in every way possible. If you do as I say, you WILL get the maximum results possible. If you’re willing to put the trust and consistency into it, I have the tools and knowledge necessary to help you succeed. Whether you’re just someone trying to lose weight, build muscle, get stronger, or prepare for a bodybuilding/physique/bikini/figure/etc show, I’ll give you a customized routine and/or diet and guide you every step of the way.


One-time Individualized Diet Plans: $25

This is a one-time diet plan based on your energy expenditure, lifestyle, goals, and many other variables to get you to your goal with minimal assistance along the way. Diet plans are individualized (not copy pasted, cookie cutter diets) and can be catered to your goals, such as low carb dieters, IIFYM (if it fits your macros/flexible dieting), bulking diets – whatever it may be. The diet plan does not come with any support or updates, so if you’re looking for more help, look into the online coaching options.

One-time individualized Training Routines: $15

Just like the diet plans, these are one-time routines based on your goals and needs. You will receive a one-week split with exercises, rep schemes, and a detailed overview with other training principals to follow. As with the one-time diet plan, this is a plan that does not offer additional support or updates. For regular updates and support for training, as with diet, check the online coaching options.

Online, month-to-month coaching: $75/mo

Don’t let the price fool you. Online coaching comes with unlimited support and updates as needed and an individualized diet plan and training routine, as well as support for supplements, lifestyle, and every other variable that comes into play to get you to your goal. Clients may contact me at any time via text message, email, facebook – or whatever preferred form of contact. Weekly or as needed picture check-ins and revisions included.

Contest prep coaching: $99/mo

A full-on contest prep support for both natural and unatural athletes. The contest prep, like the month-to-month coaching, comes with all the tools necessary via diet and training, as well as any other contest prep variable that comes into play, such as carbohydrate depleting, water and sodium manipulation, tanning instructions, posing, and other forms of support to bring the best package you can to the stage. Unlimited support is offered via text message, email, or whatever preferred form of contact.

To purchase any of these, contact me at with the subject line “Online coaching”.