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Cutting Motivation: 10 Extremely Shredded Physiques

Motivational training videos get you amped up for a workout. Motivational quotes can help you stay on track and keep consistent with diet, training, cardio, etc. Add this to your daily motivation when you’re cutting and thinking that you’re shredded, Think again! Getting this conditioned takes an extremely regimented and most often long dieting phase. Here are 10 pictures of extremely diced physiques from the web. 

Ronnie Coleman and Eduardo Correa showing off their “Christmas tree”, a signature pose to display conditioning.



Helmut Strebl – shredded and in his 40’s.



Alberto Nunez – Natural bodybuilder known for signature conditioning. And to boot, Alberto is proof that you CAN get diced with flexible dieting!




Layne Norton – an esteemed scientist/contest prep coach that backs up his expertise with his own physique.


Matthew St. George – Striations on top of striations.


Max Philisaire – I’d be doing pull-ups shirtless as well if I was that diced.


Viktor Simkin



Even the four individual heads of his quadriceps all have striations. This is conditioning!


Tom Coleman – A fitness model that puts competitive bodybuilders to shame in conditioning.


And to top it off, quite possibly the most shredded backside I’ve ever seen.


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