Dallas McCarver Testosterone Levels Over 55,000? 10-gram Weekly Steroid Cycle

If all conversions are accurate and there wasn’t a typo, the testosterone level in the late Dallas McCarver’s blood would convert to 55,000 ng/dl, where the average male ranges 250-850. The calculation was first assumed to be 550, which would be consistent with a bodybuilder that has taken a break from steroid usage, but that is about equally unlikely due to the size of Dallas.

What kind of cycle would it take to achieve a level this high? It is quite likely that over 10,000 mg of anabolic steroid usage weekly would be needed. Would a level this high be any more advantageous than say, 5,500? It’s hard to say, but there is definitely a level of diminishing returns where having a higher number doesn’t make anything THAT MUCH better.

Dallas had a genetic heart condition and spent the majority of his adult life over 300 lbs. Steroids or no steroids – this is a recipe for disaster, but IF his anabolic usage was this transparent, then this definitely would be on the level that would drastically effect his health.

How many IFBB Pro’s use this much gear? As it is becoming more and more known, various professional bodybuilders and even physique/classic physique competitors use shocking amounts of anabolics and growth hormones. It is quite common for a professional open competitor to use at least a gram of testosterone per week in preparation for a show, along with varying amounts of other compounds. Part of this is the extreme need to push for both size and conditioning in the pro ranks, along with carelessness to health ramifications of the future.

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