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Dallas McCarver Wins 2016 Chicago Wings of Strength

BSN athlete Dallas McCarver swept the competition at the 2016 Chicago Wings of Strength, solidifying his hype as an up and coming Mr. Olympia contender. Dallas has packed on an extremely dense amount of size in the last year, showing up with majorly improved legs and making the rest of the competition look like children. I saw Michael Lockett guest posing at the Daytona Classic in 2015, so I can’t imagine how big Dallas must be in person.




  1. Dallas McCarver
  2. Michael Lockett
  3. Brandon Curry
  4. Johnnie Jackson
  5. Sasan Heirati
  6. Akim Williams
  7. Andrew Hudson
  8. Fred Smalls
  9. Rafael Jaramillo
  10. Paulo Almeida

My verdict:

I have no issue with Dallas winning the show. He was the clear cut winner – sporting mass, aesthetics, and pretty good conditioning as well. There isn’t a whole lot of issues with the second and third placing as well, but I do not believe Johnnie Jackson deserved fourth. JoJ’s legs have gotten considerably weaker, and although he has a lot of dense upper body muscle, I thought he was Darrem Charles doing a crossover, whom is now a classic physique competitor. Akim Williams might not have been as conditioned and separated as someone like Dallas, but I do believe he should have been a few placings higher due to the sheer amount of muscle mass he had.

Bostin Loyd, whom previously had internet beef with Dallas, was still very forward with his belief on how Dallas was the clear winner and might be a top-6 contender for the Mr. Olympia title, granted he can come in a little tighter from the back.

Dallas, with the guidance of his prep coach Matt Janson, has been seen deadlifting over 800 lbs for reps – outdoing 8-time Mr. Olympia winner Ronnie Coleman. It’s no secret that heavy training BUILDS MUSCLE.


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