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Dennis Wolf Talks Steroids

Arnold Classic winner and multiple top-5 Mr. Olympia placer Dennis Wolf talks about steroids in an unreleased clip from Generation Iron. In the video, Dennis makes it appear to be that most professional bodybuilders do not take steroids, and more specifically hints that HE does not take steroids himself. Of course it’s a fatal blow to ones ability to market themselves by being open about them, including a possible 2-year ban from the sport if caught, which he also touches up on.

His “I don’t take them” vibe is most certainly the cause for the massive dislike-to-like ratio of the video. However, Dennis does mention one thing – steroids are extremely common in the Olympics and such, yet are made a huge deal in bodybuilding. Since we have been trying to improve our size and strength for thousands of years, do you agree that these should be allowed in sports simply as an alternative method to improve?


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