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Dennis Wolf: Unplugged – Seminar in Germany

Dennis Wolf is one of the most talked about top-10 bodybuilders in the world today. Coming off of his 2014 Arnold Classic victory, Dennis is definitely in the mix to be a Mr. Olympia top contender. In this video, Dennis talks about how he was born in Russia, but came to Germany and grew up participating in sports. He always had abs and an aesthetic body, but joined a GYM with his friends and became addicted. 2-3 hour workouts were common for Dennis and his friends until he was approached by a gym member that asked him to compete after being impressed with his body.


Quick Stats:

Height: 6’0″
Off-season weight: 290 lbs
Contest weight: 260 lbs
Location: Las Vegas, NV

He started dieting and prepared for a show at the age of 20. He turned 21 the week before the show, so he competed with the adults and not in the junior division. He still got 4th in the heavyweight class and 2nd as a newcomer. Later on, he competed again and won the show, winning the overall and getting 4th a couple weeks later at the German championships. He took a few years off and then began preparation again. During this time, he had a normal job, was low on finances, so preparing for the show was hard.

At this time he met his wife, which he says helped him a lot with the added support. His career started to flourish and he started competing in the IFBB in 2004, getting 2nd at the German championships, then competing again a year later and won. The federation told him he needed to place top 5 at the world championships, which he did and ended winning the whole show. He got 7th in his first show – the Europa Show of Champions where Toney Freeman won. 2 weeks later, he placed 5th in Canada, and then 2 weeks after that, got 3rd in Spain behind Markus Ruhl and Paco Bautista. At this time, Dennis was extremely happy to have an Olympia qualification. He took advantage of the opportunity and flew to Vegas, unsure that he would be overlooked.


He ate a lot of “crazy” food before the show since he wasn’t worried about placing high, and ended up actually looking amazing at his first Olympia. He still got last callout, but was happy. In 2007, he competed in the New York pro and got third place behind Branch Warren. His career continued to progress and he claims that a year later, when he got 5th at the Olympia, was overall his best year ever. He states it took him a week or two to realize everything that was going on in his second Olympia. The year after that, he got 4th at the 2008 Olympia. In 2009, he had a disappointing placing where he got last. At this point in his life, he stopped smoking and changed a lot of other factors in his life, which he says affected his preparation very positively. Again, the next year he got 5th at the Olympia.

Still not a disappointing placing, but Dennis was not satisfied at maintaining his placings. In 2011, he received 2nd at the Arnold classic, which boosted his esteem a little bit, only to receive another 5th place at the Olympia, and the year after – 6th at the Olympia. “It seems like I’m just getting worst at the Olympia. In 2013, I got third, so that was my best,” he states. At this time, he was told he could be even top 2 at the Olympia. “I’m the type of guy that is always doing my job, but I do it step by step. Improving every year is what I want,” he adds.

As of now, 2014 was his most victorious year. In 2015, as of now, he is taking a break to let his body recover from all the competition from last year. He plans to only compete at the Olympia in 2015, and possibly a few more shows after the Olympia. “I still have no idea why I choose bodybuilding. You don’t choose what you love. If you like it, you fall into it. If you don’t, you just don’t fall into it. For some reason, when I wake up in the morning, I want to eat, train, and live bodybuilding. I live a life that many people dream about – training, guest posing, and making money,” Dennis says.

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