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Frank Mcgrath’s Arm Workout Routine

Frank Mcgrath is known for his Animal Pak ads and his training DVD where pieces can be seen on youtube. Frank is strong as an ox and has a huge physique to boot with incredible vascularity and arm size. In 2009, Frank returned to the competitive scene and placed top 10 in the Tampa Bay Pro bodybuilding show. 

Training Principles:

-Frank supersets a bicesp and triceps exercise to attain a pump and believe this is crucial.

-Frank completes all of his bicep and tricep exercises with free weights, except for tricep push-downs.

-Frank has two warmup exercises, then goes into his bicep and tricep exercises.

-He works his arms once a week, no more no less.

*Frank no longer trains his forearms. He notes in a video that he would always train his forearms in highschool before he went to school and now has incredibly huge forearms.


His Routine:

Barbell Curls / 3 sets / 12-6 reps

-supersetted with

Tricep Push Downs / 3 sets / 12-15 reps

EZ Bar Preacher Curls / 8-12 reps

-supersetted with

Lying Tricep Extensions / 3 sets / 12-6 reps

Dumbbell Curls / 3 sets / 10-12 reps

-supersetted with

Dips / 3 sets / 10-12 reps

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