Injury League? Johnnie Jackson Tears Hammstring Squatting 455 lbs at Super League

The new “Super League” competition sounded like a great way to show the performance side of bodybuilding on a competitive level. It allows people that do not necessarily want to become fat powerlifters or strongmen to stay aesthetic and perform. One of the aspects that wasn’t highly considered, however, was the chance of injury.

More and more often we are seeing these contests consumed with injuries. Bicep tears (Paulo Almeida on a set of hammer strength pull-downs), tweaked muscles, and now what appears to be a hamstring tear from Johnnie Jackson while squatting 455 lbs at an event, being spotted by Branch Warren. As seen in the video Johnnie goes down for a rep (which, to Johnnie Jackson this is not heavy weight by any means) and his leg immediately bends backwards and he drops the weight behind him, almost hitting Branch and bending the safety bars.


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