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Ipamorelin Profile

iPamorelin is quite possibly one of the overall best GHRP’s (growth hormone releasing peptide) available today. It acts similarly to GHRP-6 and GHRP-2, and most notably has been reported to have less hunger pangs as seen with GHRP-2 and especially GHRP-6, allowing for before-bed dosing.

Benefits of iPamorelin:

Reduction in body fat

Improved sleep and recovery

Increase in muscle mass

Little to no spike in cortisol/prolactin

Little to no shut down in natural GH production

Ipamorelin shines with it’s ability to be ran at very high dosages. Upwards to and above 1000mcgs + have been reported without desensitization or negative effects on the body’s natural growth hormone production. It works similarly to GHRP-6 in that it targets a selective GH pulse. Because of the ability to be ran in high dosages, the slow building and long lasting release, and little impact of negative side effects, Ipamorelin is the choice peptide for many bodybuilders, strength athletes, and overall fitness enthusiasts.

Ipamorelin releases a GH pulse that commences for three hours after the injection. Another positive to administration of Ipamorelin is that it selectively binds to muscle cells and avoids cartilage and bone, keeping your structure safe from deformities of any kind. One of the more noticeable signs of growth hormone abuse are enlarged bone structures that can notably be seen in the hands and the size of ones head, which can be avoided with Ipamorelin administration.

Side Effects:

Although Ipamorelin is generally safe and doesn’t release too much cortisol or acetylcholine, it can be seen if you dose Ipamorelin extremely high, as well as hunger pangs depending on the dosage used. Similarly to many other growth hormone releasing peptides are headaches, or head tightness.

Dosing, Mixing, and Storing:

Peptides generally come in a freeze dried powder inside of a vial. Generally, it can be stored in a dry area at room temperature before mixing with bacteriostatic water. Once mixed, keep it in a cool and dry place, such as the refrigerator. Using an insulin syringe, mix in your desired amount of bacteriostatic water, but remember to mark how much water you reconstituted with for proper dosing. If your Ipamorelin is 2mg per vial and you mix in 1ml of water, remember that 1/10th of the insulin syringe will give you approximately 200mcg – a good dosing amount for ipamorelin injections. For a more accurate measurement, use a peptide calculator.

It is recommended to use iPamorelin with a GHRH. The most common combination is with CJC no DAC, which can be found separately or with blends for convenience. Subcutaneous (into the fat) injections are the preferred method of administration.

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