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Jason Huh’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Jason Huh is an IFBB pro bodybuilder known not only for his size and freaky muscle mass, but his ability to carry it while maintaining pleading proportions and aesthetics.

jasonhuh2Jason advocates constant tension, and most notably performs what the bodybuilding community has named “Huh reps” after Jason Huh, which focuses on a very limited range of motion and keeping the muscle constantly under tension. Sometimes his range of motion will only expand a few inches, but he does what works for him, and it’s working! Most of the time you will not see Jason bench pressing more than two or three plates, if he bench presses at all.

Here is a video explanation of some of his training philosophy, and some of the “Huh” reps:


And a Chest Workout by Jason Huh, where he tops the scale at over 300 lbs.

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