Jay Cutler vs Big Ramy – Who was better? Comparisons and Contrasts

Jay Cutler, a 4x Mr. Olympia and one of the best bodybuilders of all time and Big Ramy, an up and coming bodybuilding sensation have many physique similarities. Jay Cutler is listed as 5’9 but from seeing him in comparisons and in person, I’d say he’s a little shorter than that, so that may very well come into play with the weight difference since Big Ramy is over 5’10”. Someone that is an inch and a half taller than another, with the same exact amount of muscle mass proportionally, could weigh 10-20 lbs more on stage which I believe is the scenario here.

Let’s compare the two at their very best.

Jay Cutler’s best showings are likely the 2001 Mr. Olympia contest as well as his 2009 look. Personally, I believe his 2009 look would beat his 2001 look on stage, although this 2001 look was a little more aesthetic since he was younger, had a more tapered waist, etc. Big Ramy’s best showing could possibly be when he won the 2014 New York Pro. It is hard to say since his conditioning and fullness changes his physique dramatically and I believe we have yet to see him close to his best. So a 2009 Jay Cutler vs. a 2014 Big Ramy – who wins? Jay Cutler hands down, and I’ll tell you why.

Body weight doesn’t matter when you’re in a bodybuilding contest, and Jay Cutler was only about 260 lbs in 2009. Granted, there is video of him a day or two before in the gym weighing in at close to 280, which would be the equivalent of a 290-300 lb Big Ramy in good condition. Jay not only had the details during this show, but also the fullness required to decimate the competition. Big Ramy was in good shape in 2014 but it comes down to one main factor – detail. When you look at it from a structural standpoint, Ramy wins in every case. He has a smaller waist, wider shoulders, bigger legs and arms, etc. Taking a look at the most prominent bodypart, his quads, shows the difference between the two. Ramy doesn’t have the deep separation and striations in his quads like Jay. Sure, he has huge quads and veins, but on Jay you can see each of the 4 quadricep heads are all individually striated and deeply separated. Ramy’s quads look TOO full – as if he trained his legs right before stepping on stage.

Could better conditioning help with this? Absolutely – which is the biggest difference between Ramy at his best and Jay at his best. Ramy has every tool and genetic advantage to become a Mr. Olympia and better than Jay Cutler but fails to obtain the conditioning and fullness balance to do so. Hell, he could even be on par with Ronnie Coleman, given his structure. Let’s break it down body part by body part.

Legs – As stated, Jay wins because of detail and lines. You can see the individual striations and the cuts are deep. His hamstrings pop and details are more prominent.

Lat spread – From the front, Ramy wins regardless of his conditioning. He has too good of a lat spread, but it could be even greater with more conditioned legs. Jay looks more freaky from the rear lat spread and has more hamstring detail, but doesn’t have the Dorian-esque lats and proportions Ramy does from the front.

Side chest – I like Ramy in this pose, even with the conditioning difference. The tie-in in Ramy’s glutes are deep, likely a genetic advantage and his flow is amazing here. One of the best side-chests in the game. Jay has a good side chest as well, but the pose doesn’t come as natural.

Front double bicep – Both are about evenly matched in this pose, but I’ll give it to Jay based on overall conditioning. Ramy presses down on his abs to show detail in this pose, but I believe he would be better off sucking it up to expand his rib cage similarly to his front lat spread. If he could do such and get more detailed, this would be an amazing pose for him.

Side tricep – again, Ramy has the better structure, but I believe if both were side-by-side, Jay would pop more in this pose. His triceps are too sharp and he looks more tapered than his side chest, so I’d bet Jay would win this one.

Rear double bicep – Detail, detail, detail. Ramy has a good lat spread but we see his glutes and hammstrings look very blurry from the rear. Jay at his best would likely be smaller, but would smoke Ramy from the back based on detail alone.

Most Muscular – Ramy doesn’t seem to contract his chest very well in this pose. With more conditioned quads and squeezing to show the lines in his chest, he could take this pose, but based on what we’ve seen, Jay at his best and full could win this. When Jay flairs his traps out it shows great detail in his shoulders and traps, but the classic way he used to hit the crab most muscular is better. Remember, you’re judged on your whole body in every pose and even in this pose, lower body detail comes into play and can be the final say in giving the nod to Jay.

Quarter Turns – Simply standing still and twisting the body in the quarter turns is a great way to show general size and conditioning. Jay would win most of these since his side quarter-turns are very aesthetic and detailed. It may be practice and experience, but these play a huge factor into the judges subconscious – whether they admit it or not.

Who has the most POTENTIAL? Ramy, hands down. At the 2017 Mr. Olympia, Ramy placed his highest to date, second place. Does that mean he was at his best? Absolutely not. He was over 300 lbs at this showing and full, but the competition simply was off. With Phil’s protruding stomach, he could have easily slipped in if he was a more conditioned Ramy – say, 285 lbs. He slipped by on size, shape, and fullness alone. Does he lose some of this fullness by coming in more conditioned? Surely, but I cannot say that it is anything but conditioning that is holding him back currently. He seems to get bigger and bigger every off season – pushing over 340 lbs but it won’t matter when he stands next to Phil – whom is barely over 240 lbs on stage, but has deeply engraved lines all over.

So, the general conclusion is Jay at his best beats Big Ramy at his best, but we have yet to see Ramy come close to fulfilling his potential. Ramy seems to have too many hands in the pot with coaches, trainers, etc and has yet to find the formula that works for him. Once he does, he has many Olympia’s to win.

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