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Massthetics: Top 10 Aesthetic Physiques That Also Have Mass

Aesthetics are making a comeback. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself voiced his opposition to rewarding the blocky, unattractive physiques of modern bodybuilding today. It seems that the biggest, leanest physique is the one that wins, regardless of symmetry, proportion, flow, and many other variables. However, this does not mean all bodybuilders that have a ton of mass are also unappealing. This article highlights those that are able to carry a lot of mass while remaining aesthetic and maintaining a pleasing physique. 

#1 Cedric Mcmillan

Mass Monster? Check. Small Waist? Check. Good stomach control? Check. Cedric is sometimes referred to as the “black arnold” due to his striking physique similarities. He hits the classical poses extremely well. Standing about 6’1″, he also has a very similar frame, structurally to Arnold. Having long legs, a short torso, and a large chest with large arms make him stand out as not only an extremely large bodybuilder, but a bodybuilder that has a very appealing physique. This is the kind of physique that looks like they could jog a lap without dying.


#2 Kevin Levrone

Kevin Levrone at a few points in his career really had mass! His muscles were Phil Heath-like in that they were extremely round, like a cartoon character. Not only did he have tons of size, great conditioning, but he had an extremely aesthetic physique for someone his size. The balance between his upper and lower body was even. Not one bodypart was a glaring weakness. Levrone could have easily been a Mr. Olympia, and second place in the Mr. Olympia is a testament to that claim.


#3 Flex Wheeler

Flex Wheeler, another uncrowned Mr. Olympia, had one of the most memorable physiques of all time. He had the mass that was becoming the standard of bodybuilding, but obtained it while keeping his small waist and pleasing proportions. Coming in a close second to what (I would consider) to be Ronnie Coleman’s best look is an accomplishment.


#4 Dexter Jackson

I was debating whether or not to put Dexter on this list because he doesn’t exactly have the mass that most others do, but his aesthetics and the fact that he has the mass he does on a shorter frame is remarkable. Let’s not be fooled – Dexter is big! He may only be 235 lbs on stage, but being 5’6″ – that’s a lot of muscle. He stays presentable year-round and even in his heavier bulking phases, looked very aesthetic and still kept lean. I believe a larger Dexter would do very well and believe he could still easily keep his pleasing physique with added mass based on his guest posing and off-season appearance.


#5 Shawn Rhoden

Since I added Dexter and Flex Wheeler, I have to add Rhoden as well! Rhoden may not quite be as big as Flex was in Flex’s prime, but his physique is strikingly similar, and with the additions Shawn continually makes, he may very well become a mass monster that is also aesthetic – which is an Olympia-winning physique. Shawn got started in the bodybuilding game a little late, but continually progresses and definitely has a good deal of muscle to hang with the bigger guys without losing his aesthetics.


#6 Paul Dillet

Paul had a very weak back, but his physique was generally pretty pleasing. It was unique. He had tons of mass, extremely long arms, and a very long torso. However, his waist was fairly small, and the sheer size of his arms and width of his clavicles in combination with his overall muscle mass earns him a spot in this list.


#7 Dennis Wolf

Dennis is slowly making his way up the ranks to title contention, securing his 2014 victory at the Arnold Classic and placing top-5 at the Olympia year after year. He can hang with the biggest bodybuilders and out-mass them, while keeping a pretty pleasing physique. His abdomen has come in, he has extremely large shoulders and an X-frame v-taper, and comes in conditioned. His posing is also great and his Arnold-like poses bring out his structure and the classic traits of his physique.


#8 Dallas McCarver

Dallas, featured left, is the youngest IFBB professional bodybuilder. Also a taller bodybuilder at 6’1″, Dallas has tons of mass, generally pleasing shape, and most importantly of all – doesn’t look like he’s pregnant. His look is pleasing to the eye; it’s a physique you wouldn’t mind having even with the amount of muscle he carries. Dallas only just recently made his pro debut and has many, many years left to build even more mass, and hopefully keep his aesthetic frame while doing so.


#9 “Big Ramy” Mamdouh Elssbiay

Ramy is BIG. Okay, too big. He could have better muscle separation. He could have better conditioning. But nobody can obtain his size while maintaining his proportions and symmetry. If you look past the fact that he is going to be the biggest guy on stage by a LARGE margin, his physique isn’t blocky. His waist, for his size, shows a good V-taper and his stomach isn’t out of control like many mass monsters that are even smaller than him.


#10 Zach Khan

Zach had tons of mass, but also a very pleasing physique. He never made it big in bodybuilding, but all the tools are there. He has good legs, great muscle bellies that give him a 3d, round look, and TONS of size to boot. An injury that forced him to take many months off of leg training seemed to have hindered him greatly, though.


Honorable Mentions:

Gunter shocked the world when he beat Ronnie Coleman at what is now called the New York Pro back in the day. Gunter had a short period of time where he could have legitimately made a run for the Sandow. Gunters waist wasn’t exactly small, but he had good proportions and he didn’t have a gut like most of the other competitors his size had. He competed at over 300 lbs! If you can step on stage at that weight and look that pleasing, that’s definitely an accomplishment.

Gunter_Schlierkamp (146)

More to come! Submit your suggestions and help this list become the 20 most aesthetic bodybuilders with mass!

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  1. Ronnie Coleman 98/99 was aesthetic. Chris Cormier 99. Phil Heath pretty good in 2011. Lee Haney had an incredible v taper and was pretty big at over 250 pounds later in his career. Maybe Vic Martinez before fcking up his waist… I wouldn’t have included ZKK in the category, he was very impressive, but not really aesthetic, and Dallas McCarver still needs to get his back more developed. But overall a good article. 🙂