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Micellar Whey Protein – The Slow Digesting Whey

It is commonly known that milk protein is divided into two forms – Casein protein and Whey protein. Casein is a much more complicated molecule for the body to digest, hence the slow digestion that it provides. It may take several hours for the body to digest Casein. This is good for when you’re sleeping or going to go a period of time where the slow digestion can be beneficial. Whey, on the other hand, generally has a better amino acid profile and is the quick-digesting protein. 

The idea behind Micellar whey is that since whey normally digests quickly, which can also be a downfall, that this new whey can deliver the advantages of whey’s high amino acid profile, but throughout a duration similar to casein.

Micellar protein contains a better biological value (BV) than Casein, which is an important element in how your body will utilize protein and the effectiveness on how it is absorbed. Whey protein has a biological value rated at about 25% higher than Casein, which makes it optimal to choose whey for these reasons. As well as having an increased biological value, Micellar whey contains more BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) and Leucine. Since Leucine is the most important of these amino acids due to its ability to encourage the release of insulin post workout, it makes sense that this option is superior.

Since Micellar whey delivers the advantages of whey in a form similar to Casein, it can generally be taken pre and post workout, as well as throughout the day and before bed time. The sustained release of high quality amino acids will ensure that the whey is there during the times where protein synthesis is highest.

While it is possible to simulate the release by either sipping on small amounts of whey throughout the day, or by blending your whey protein with your casein protein, the micellar whey alters the protein molecule itself to provide convenience and the most optimal release. Micellar whey is whey protein put through a specialized filtration process before it becomes modified by an advanced proprietary process. The result is whey protein particles that are double the molecular weight of regular whey protein particles.

In Short:

– Whey is the fast digesting form of protein with an optimal amino acid profile and biological value

– Casein is a slower digesting form of protein. Lesser quality but generally good for sustained release

– Micellar protein offers the quality of whey, released in a slower period of time similar to Casein, giving you the best of both worlds.

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