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Morning Munch: Cedric Mcmillan 2 Weeks Out Pictures and Justin Compton

The 2015 Arnold Classic Brazil is just around the corner. Cedric Mcmillan has just recently come off of an impressive 4th place showing at the Ohio Arnold Classic – a placing that arguably was unjust. Many had him placing even higher. Regardless, new pictures have surfaced of the “Black Arnold” at just over 2 weeks out, as seen above.

Standing at about 6’2, Cedric has a huge frame to fill out, and he has been doing just that with Chris Aceto. When getting lean, however, he seems to lose a lot of that fullness. He has had many hits and many misses, so it will be interesting to see how he will appear in Brazil.

Justin Compton has a new picture that has surfaced from his Instagram, showing a very successful post-arnold rebound. Just when I thought Justin couldn’t get any bigger, he does. And from what we can see from the picture, he still is holding decent conditioning and extremely full – showing great vascularity as well as he hits the side chest shot.


New pro Iain Valliere has been posting pictures on Instagram after his 2015 Orlando Europa pro debut, showing a consistent diet as he plans to pose for the OPA Fouad Abiad Championships. It will be interesting to see how he, along with other new IFBB pro rookies, stack up against bigger shows in the future against seasoned veterans.

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