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Morning Munch: William Bonac Guest Posing, Victor vs. Juan, Ramy’s New Coach

Pictures have surfaced of up-and-coming pro William Bonac guest posing in Kuwait. William seems to have fixed his hernia, and is in very good condition for guest posing. William also appears to be holding a little more mass and it will be interesting to see if he can become a top contender in the pro rankings. 

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Johnnie “JOJ” Jackson, referred to some as the World’s Strongest Bodybuilder, has always been criticized for his legs. His upper body is Olympia worthy, but his quadriceps have seemed to lose the roundness and fullness over the years. However, he intends to bring them up and recently shot a very intense video with fellow-mutant athlete Trevor Koot for Gasp. Koot stands well over 6 feet tall, so it’s interesting to see them both train together. Aside from a few changes in seating and lever adjustments, both are extremely strong bodybuilders and can push heavy weight.

Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay recently decided to pair up with guru George Farah. Farah has produced various top Olympia contenders and has been known to have a very unique, high-carbohydrate approach to many of his diets used by his competitors. In a recent interview, Farah has some choice words in response to some of Chris Aceto’s witty, dry, sarcastic humor and went on to say that results speak for themselves, and he produces champions. It will be interesting to see if Farah can be the one to bring in Big Ramy as he needs to be. Big Ramy is definitely not short on size and roundness, but doesn’t have the deep separation, graininess, and what some refer to as “muscle maturity” as other competitors.



IFBB Pro Victor Martinez is 10 days out from the Arnold Classic Brazil, where he hopes to get a rematch with recent New York Pro winner, Juan Morel. Juan Morel overpowered Victor, who may have a more aesthetic physique with better lines, but couldn’t match up to the overall size, fullness, and conditioning of Juan. If Juan can maintain the conditioning and Victor does not make the improvements, it could be a repeat and Juan could possibly take home the Arnold Classic Brazil title. Victor has seen his fair share of set-backs and never is to be counted out, so this is anyone’s show to lose.


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