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Nipple-Less Bodybuilder Faces Jail Time For Brewing Home Steroids

Brian Connolly, aged 60, was recently busted with over £30,000 of Steroids in his Kitchen Cupboard when police raided his house back in June 27th 2015. It was said the Connolly had so many Steroids and other Performance enhancing drugs in his house that the police couldn’t even afford to Cover the cost of counting all the drugs.

Connolly, when interviewed by police after the bust, said that he was injecting steroids up to 40 times a week after doing it for 25 yrs, saying that he “Couldn’t live with them.” He was obviously supplying to others as well, later admitting that he possessed class C drugs with the intent to sell them and ended up getting 12 months in prison.

Connolly was still competing in bodybuilding competitions up until he was caught. He placed as high as 1st in the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association Masters over-50’s category last year. Definitely not a bad physique for someone that is 60.


When Connolly was asked about his Steroid usage, he said he’d been using them for 25 Years and had recently just come out of the hospital for having taken too many steroids, which coincidentally has happened several times. Whether or not the steroids were directly the cause of his hospital visits or the strenuous side effects of contest preparation, is unknown.

Connolly first gained recognition for his nipple-less physique. Some phrases spread through the internet such as “Do you even nipple?”. Although in very dark spray tan it is not very noticeable, he does strike me to be a real life Dragonball Z character, who strangely sometimes didn’t have visible nipples.

Connolly went on to tell investigators that he was Addicted to steroids and it had become a way of life. He said that most Bodybuilders would go on a Steroid cycle for 10-12 weeks and then come off of it, but Brian decided to go full force for a YEAR Cycle! Yes, thats’ right, a Full year Steroid Cycle. It’s obvious he was buying Bulk and was reselling to other bodybuilders.


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