Oxygen Gym Transformations – Anabolic Chicken from Kuwait

The talk as of late when it comes to mecca’s of bodybuilding and where bodybuilders can reach their maximal potential is Kuwait’s Oxygen Gym – home of Big Ramy and the “Camel Crew”. The famous “anabolic chicken” phrase was spawned from the bodybuilders that have entered Kuwait and turn into absolute monsters. The idea was the anabolic chicken was a phrase for some advanced drug regimen that was only available here, but the actual likeliness for the transformations was simply the atmosphere of the gym.

Many bodybuilders are funded by Bader Bodai to travel out there and the training, eating, and sleeping is free from distractions. Bodybuilders are taken care of and every need is met so they can concentrate and put everything into their training. There are trainers at the gym for every person that stay by their side and personal chefs everywhere to ensure they meet their meal requirements. We can assume, however, that the chemical enhancement there is top notch as well as all the other factors.

One of the greatest body building coaches ever, Chris Aceto, recalls a story about Jay Cutler visiting Oxygen Gym. He stated that Jay Cutler has been everywhere and seen it all, so he is not often impressed by any gym. Oxygen Gym truly impressed a 4-time Mr. Olympia that has more miles under his belt traveling than anyone else, as Aceto recalled.

Regan Grimes

Regan traveled out in late 2017 and is one of the more notable transformations. He reached nearly 300 lbs after his Kuwait travel and does not have a blown out waist or extremely soft conditioning. His entire body has transformed and this will very likely allow him to compete anywhere from 250-270 lbs, depending on how much he keeps gaining.

Brandon Curry

Brandon has always come into shows too soft, or when he has respectable condition he would come in too flat and downsized. Brandon has a large family with many children so we can safely assume there are a lot of distractions in his life. Brandon finally began to hit his stride when he was invited out to Kuwait to train at Oxygen gym. Not only did he gain a lot of size, but developed this grainy, hard conditioning that he never had before.

Big Ramy

Big ramy is one of the original Oxygen Gym transformations, going from an average Joe with a decent amount of muscle to full-blown freak. Ramy is the mass monster in the Olympia line up and has the proportions to easily become Mr. Olympia. As we can see in every video, there are tons of tools at his disposal – having people even loading his equipment for him. Bader Bodai himself says Ramy’s mentality is where he is lacking at the moment, and once he can mentally have the confidence and willpower he will be undefeatable.

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