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Rich Piana’s Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Rich Piana, the owner of 5% nutrition and popular youtube fitness icon is a very large, ex-competitive bodybuilder. Here is his training routine, diet plan,and steroid cycle.

Rich Piana’s Best Lifts:

  • Bench Press: 225kg (495lb) for 3 reps

  • Squats: 265kg (585lb) for 2 reps

  • Deadlifts: 265kg (585lb) for 1 reps

  • Barbell Curl: 125kg (275lb) for 3 reps

“I used to do 61kg (135lb) for 20 reps, then 84kg (185lb) for 16 followed by 102kg (225lb) for 10-12 reps and do 3 sets of those! The same on skull crushers for every arm workout for years, needless to say this really screwed up my elbows, shoulders and tendons.”

Rich Piana’s 8-hour Arm Workout:

Workout Prep:

Take two days off from training before the workout to let your body recoup.

Morning Of the Workout:

Have a huge breakfast two hours before your workout. Prepair 16 shakes consisting of protein, simple sugars and carbs


Every half hour you lift than follow the workout with a shake. That is two workouts and two shakes every hour for 8 hours. Alternate Between workout 1 and workout 2.

Workout 1:

4 sets 10 reps – skull crusher

4 sets 10 reps – barbell curl

Workout 2:

4 sets 15 reps – single arm dumbbell extension

4 sets 15 reps – dumbbell hammer curl

Post Workout:

eat a large meal and take two days off from training.

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