Russian Synthol Man Kirill Tereshin to Face Life Threatening Hospitalization

The phenomenon of synthol abuse is seen all over the internet today – mostly perceived as delusional freaks that don’t know when to stop. Most of these abusers don’t even work out or barely put much effort into their workouts and have certain bodyparts inflated with a substance called synthol – an oil that inflates the muscle synthetically to appear larger. However, the muscle takes a very soft and squishy look after doing so and it is looked down upon in bodybuilding.

Kirill Tereshin has injected more than three gallons of the oil into his body and has been hospitalized and is facing having to undergo surgery in order to save his life. His response was to not undergo the surgery and risk his life in order to not appease his “haters”, seeing as how this has now become his identity. The surgery would amputate both of his arms – the source of his synthol abuse. As we can see in the pictures the arms look horribly inflamed and have discolored. The infection has toxified his body and is beginning to reach his heart and he may die without the surgery.

Kirill has been offered to play in movies after his fame in low-end Russian movies – offered over $5,000 USD and is growing in popularity. Apparently he has “fans” as well that support him, or should I say, enable his delusion.

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