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Stan Efferding’s Chest Workout Routine

Stan Efferding is somewhat of a newly recognized professional bodybuilder. He was born November 6, 1967 which means he is not in the young end of the bodybuilding spectrum. At 42 years old, Stan has accomplished many things, both in the bodybuilding and powerlifting world as well as his financial success as a business man. He has been able to Squat 821 pounds, Deadlift 793, and bench press 606 pounds! It’s no wonder why people are curious as to how this guy is training.

Here is his chest routine:

Incline Bench press / 4 sets / 12-15 reps
Incline Dumbbell press / 4 sets / 12-15 reps
Flat Dumbbell flyes / 4 sets / 15-20 reps
Hammer Strength bench press / 4 sets / 15-20 reps
Cable Crossovers / 4 sets / 15-20 reps


Stan, being both a powerlifter and a bodybuilder, has stated that his routines will vary depending on his goals. Powerlifters focus more on brute strength, which means pushing very heavy weight usually for just a few reps. In a video of Stan training with Flex Wheeler, Stan describes that because he was a powerlifter for so long, his muscle has been built up to be very dense. By using higher repetitions and squeezing contractions at the end of each movement, he believes he is able to stretch the muscular tissue and build more mass as a bodybuilder.


“I’m eating a lot more food than ever before. Seven 1,000 calorie meals of cardboard-tasting food isn’t fun, but that’s the challenge of bodybuilding.”

“Onstage, nobody cares what you lift or what you weigh. You need to be shredded, hard and big.”

“In college, I was 145 pounds, so I started bodybuilding to put on weight. I was training heavy and eating lots of food to gain size.”

“I’m fuller and actually gaining size as I come down in weight, which sounds contradictory. I’m harder and bigger. My arms have actually gained an inch.”

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