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The Top 10 Chest Exercises to Build Mass

What exercises work best for building a round and full chest? Different exercises work best for different people, but there are some that are just mandatory and cannot be avoided. Many people will experience both a strength and size plateau, which means there is a great need to incorporate different exercises into their routine. You will need a gym to access most of these exercises or a lot of training equipment at home, but every exercise serves a different purpose. Also take into consideration that you will need a good diet with a surplus of calories to build a huge chest. Here is out list of the top 9 exercises to build a massive and chizzled chest.

#10: Pec Deck:

The pec deck is most commonly available in most gyms, including home gym systems, community fitness facilities, hotel gyms, etc. This chest isolation movement is great way to stimulate the chest and take out the shoulders and triceps from the movement.

To Perform: Adjust the equipment so that your arms are extended to get a maximal contraction, but not too far back that it is causing discomfort, as this may lead to injury. Squeeze the machine pads together so that they’re touching, and repeat.


#9: Incline Dumbbell Flyes:

Most people have a hard time building the upper chest due to the fact that all most people start off doing is the flat barbell bench press. Not having a good variety means that certain parts of the chest will be less developed than others.

To Perform: Set the bench at a slight incline and rest some dumbbells on your knees. Lift them up and bring your arms down and extend your forearms so that most of the stress is placed on the chest and very little on the triceps. Bring the weight up as if you were giving a very wide hug.


#8: Cable Crossovers

Cable crossovers are an excellent fly exercise that gives you a great squeeze in both your outer and inner pecs. Using the machine may give you better balance and let you use more weight with less risk of injury.

To Perform: You will need two cable machines that can be adjusted so that each handle is at the top part of the machine. Grab one handle after setting the desired resistance and pull it over so that you can grab the handle on the other side. Come back in between the stations and squeeze them together as if you were giving a hug.


#7. Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes

This exercise is great due to the fact that it is a fly motion that hits the mid line of the chest as well as giving a little resistance to the upper and lower pecs. You will need to lay down flat on a bench with no incline or decline.

To perform: Perform this exercise exactly as you would the incline dumbbell flyes, just with the bench in a flat position. Hoist the dumbbells up and lower then out while bending your elbows as little as possible while avoiding injury. Squeeze your pecs and raise them as if you were giving a very wide hug to someone.


#6: Decline Barbell Bench Press

Barbell exercises are great mass builders and are the standard for chest pressing movements. The decline barbell bench press helps to hit your lower pectorals. Most people will not need to prioritize this exercise as most people get enough lower pec work from the flat bench. This exercise can be very dangerous without a spotter.

To perform: Unrack the barbell from the rack and lower it to the nipples. Press it back up to a fully locked out or semi locked out position. Have your spotter help you re-rack it when you’re done to avoid dropping the barbell on yourself.


#5. Push Ups

push-upSome people forget about some of the most basic of exercises. One of the main reasons this exercise is in the top 10 is because it’s safe, effective, and can be done virtually anywhere. The stress from a push up can give your chest a great pump and further your chest development when done properly to target the pec muscles most.

To perform: Lower your body down as shown in the picture while keeping your back and legs flat. Bring your chest down to the floor and press up. Keep a somewhat wide hand positioning to get a great squeeze on the chest and to take a little stress off of the triceps.


#4: Dips

Dips can be done with just your bodyweight or with resistance hanging as shown in the picture, and can be done from a dip station or off of a bench. Dips can be either a chest exercise, a triceps exercise, or both depending on how you perform it. To concentrate on the pecs, keep yourself low in the exercise and try not to fully lock out at the top.

To perform: Securely grab the two bars and jump up so that you begin with your arms locked out. Bring your body down to as low as you comfortably can and press yourself up so that your elbows come slightly above a 90 degree angle.


#3. Dumbell Flat Bench Press

This may look very similar to the dumbbell flyes, but the difference is you’re going to be pressing straight up rather than making the hugging motion, enabling you to press more weight. This is a great alternative and addition to the flat barbell bench press as it activated stabilizing muscles that can increase your bench press and break past plateaus. You also have a greater range of motion here.

To perform: Bring the dumbbells onto your knees and kick them back into the position you see in this picture. Lower them down to as far as comfortably possible and press them up.


#2: Incline Barbell/Dumbbell Bench Press

The incline barbell bench press is an excellent and underused exercise that is great for building the upper pecs. Many people do not use this exercise enough and thus have underdeveloped upper pecs.

To perform: Set the bench in an inclined position. Unrack the bar from the bench rack and lower it to touch the top of your chest, as close to your neck as possible. Press the weight up and have someone help you re-rack it to be safe.


#1: Flat Barbell Bench Press

Just because this is probably the most used exercise, we cannot deny that it is probably the best. Compound exercises are great for building mass and the bench press is excellent for general pectoral development.

To perform: Unrack the weight from the bench rack and lower it to your chest, around the nipple region. Press it back up to a locked out or semi locked out position.


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