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The Top 10 Strongest IFBB Pro Bodybuilders Of All Time

Looking strong and actually being strong can sometimes be viewed as two completely different things. In the IFBB world, some bodybuilders rise above others in terms of strength, where they might not win in an actual bodybuilding competition. Who is the strongest bodybuilder in the world? Does anyone even come close? This is a list of the top strongest IFBB pro bodybuilders in the world. To judge whom is the strongest, the main three lifts that will be taken into consideration are the bench press, the squat, and the deadlift – the three primary powerlifting movements, although some other feats of strength will also be mentioned and considered into the rankings. 

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#7 – Zack Khan

Zack is also a freaky-huge bodybuilder that can move some serious weight. Most impressive is probably his bench press, which he can routinely be seen benching 500 for very strict reps. Curling the 100 lb dumbbells is no sweat either, this brute is all around strong.


#6 – Franco Columbu

Franco was known to be an incredibly strong powerlifter as well as a bodybuilder. Franco was only 5’5″, but had amazing strength for his size. He has recorded to have a 525 lb bench press, a 665 lb squat, and a 750 lb deadlift. Incredible for a bodybuilder that was probably never over 200 lbs contest shape, or MAYBE slightly over.


#5 – Mike Van Wyck

Mike has been seen in the animal cage banging out 200 lb incline dumbbell presses, as well as benching more than 315 lbs for more than 30 reps with good form. Although it is unclear how much exactly he can deadlift and squat, this monster deserves top 10 recognition.


#4 – Ben White

Ben white is definitely in the mix for the worlds strongest bodybuilder, and even competed against Johnnie Jackson at the Olympia for the title, but fails to match up because of his deadlift and squat. His bench is amazing – being able to bench press 645 lbs raw and rep 500 lbs multiple times is definitely a great feat of strength.


#3 – Johnnie Jackson

Johnnie Jackson might claim to be the worlds strongest bodybuilder, and even has a lot of heavy lifts to prove it, but he has yet to match Stan Efferding on a raw total. Even though his max lifts are recorded by powerlifting rules and total weight seen by Ronnie Coleman, I think it is safe to say that the amount of reps Ronnie is able to do with such heavy weight would most likely put Ronnie ahead of Johnnie if Ronnie had entered a powerlifting competition in his prime. Regardless, Johnnie Jackson has recorded lifts such as a 810 lb deadlift, 826 lb squat, and a 540 lb bench press.


#2 – Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman might not have been a competitive powerlifter (it would be pointless to compete with a chance of injuring himself, considering he was winning the Olympia in bodybuilding year after year), but he was a definitely one of the strongest. Video proof shows him squatting 800 lbs for two easy reps, deadlifting 800 lbs for two easy reps, and bench pressing 500 lbs for rep. Along with the three main powerlifting movements, he has shown several other feats of strength, such as his 200 lb dumbbell bench for 12 reps.


#1 – Stan Efferding

Although Stan is actually an older bodybuilder and might not be the next Ronnie Coleman in terms of size, he has proven himself to be the strongest IFBB professional bodybuilder. He has a 2,221 pound total for the three big lifts. He can raw bench 606 pounds, deadlift 793 pounds, and squat 821 pounds. These numbers are not just slightly above what the average bodybuilder can do – they’re FAR over. Most max lifts for the average IFBB pro could be lifted for multiple reps by Stan Efferding.


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