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The Top 10 Testosterone Increasing Foods

Testosterone, the male sex hormone, has an obvious significance in bodybuilding and fitness. Produced in the gonads in both women and men, testosterone is a great determiner for the size and strength of muscular tissue, protein retention, and many other functions in the body. While there are anabolic steroids that can synthetically increase your testosterone to build lean mass, there are various foods that can help promote testosterone production naturally.

1. Raw Oysters

Oysters are on the top of the list for increasing testosterone. They have a very high Zinc content which greatly increases the production of testosterone and sperm. Along with the high Zinc content, oysters provide ample amounts of protein and magnesium.


2. Asparagus

Asparagus is a great food for increasing testosterone due to the richness in vitamin E, which is considered to be a great determiner in the overall production of testosterone. Asparagus, along with beans in general, have a great combination of Zinc, protein, and a low fat content which make it a very great food for bulking up while staying lean.


3. Beef (lean)

Lean protein sources are one of the fundamentals for a bodybuilding diet. Lean beef sources not only offer ample amounts of protein, but the high Zinc and protein content make this food selection a great choice for not only a great meal, but for increasing testosterone which will lead to the production of lean muscle mass.


4. Nuts

Various research studies insist that the overall consumption of fat, especially monounsaturated fats, increase testosterone. Nuts contain great “healthy” fats as well as the essential fatty acids necessary to boost testosterone levels. Eating a hand full each day will significantly help create a balanced diet as well as the possibility of increasing your testosterone.


5. Eggs

Seeing as how testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol, foods that have cholesterol in them are the prime building blocks for testosterone production. Eggs contain unadulterated cholesterol which might prove that the excessive amount of cholesterol found in eggs might not be as harmful as many may think. Eggs are also a great source of B5 and B6 vitamins which help balance hormone levels.


6. Poultry

Significant research proves that diets which are high in protein contribute much more to testosterone production than diets that are high in fat. Many foods from poultry contain a great ratio of protein-to-fat, which can keep your overall numbers of protein much higher than overall fat, and can lead to great amounts of testosterone production.


7. Garlic

Garlic has been shown in clinical studies to increase testosterone levels as well as the ability to inhibit cortisol, which is a hormone that competes with testosterone and can result in muscle break down.


8. Brown Rice and other whole grain, complex carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are not only needed nutrient for the recovery of muscles as well as a great energy source, but complex carbohydrates can significantly lead to an increased testosterone production as well as limit fat gain.


9. Cheese (Fat free or Low fat)

Low fat or fat free cheese can be a great food when trying to bulk up as well as burning fat. Low fat cheeses and fat free cheeses have very low fat content, almost zero carbohydrate content, and a high protein value. Fat free cheese is almost completely protein. As well as having a high protein ratio to improve testosterone, cheese also has ample amounts of zinc, which is necessary to increase testosterone.

10. Fish such as Salmon

With very high protein content and minimal fat, fish packs tons of vitamins including B5, B6, and B12, all of which can increase overall reproductive health and testosterone.


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