Timeless Physiques – Bodybuilders That Have Kept a Great Physique For the Longest Span

As many bodybuilders age out of their 30’s and into their 40’s, their physiques and career start going down hill. Usually it starts with the legs and the waist – the legs looks the overall fullness and size and the waist expands. Whether this is from many years of growth hormone causing the internal organs to grow or just the natural aging process, it expands and the ab definition is also not as detailed. Biceps start looking funky, and injuries manifest themselves to be very obvious. Although, there are some exceptions to the rule that have managed to keep an amazing physique late in age. Here’s a few of them.

Robby Robinson  (70+ years old in picture)

This may be the most impressive example that age is just a number. Is he as good as he was in his prime? Of course not. But if you look at this physique, it is impressive at any age. Robby has competed being over 70 years old (as pictured) and brings conditioning that makes men in their 20’s look bad. Think about that – he’s beating people that are a THIRD of his age!


2. Albert Beckles (61 in picture)

Albert may not be the most popular names for the newbies in the bodybuilding scene, but he has been around in over 100 competitions. The vegetarian bodybuilder looks amazing, at 61 years old in this picture. He stands 5’7″, weighs 218 lbs, and still keeps the roundness in his muscle bellies that many lose with age. To top it off, he is a VEGETARIAN!


3. Dexter Jackson (48 in picture)

Dexter Jackson, the 2008 Mr. Olympia winner is known as “the blade” for always bringing extremely crisp conditioning to every. single. show. That nickname may soon be changed to “the vampire” since his physique is staying just as good, if not better as time goes on. His body is still just as round and large as it was 25 years ago. He plans to keep going as long as he places well in his contests.


4. Kevin Levrone (51 in picture)

Kevin Levrone may not have had the best comeback to the stage due to a long absence from bodybuilding, but he impressed many people with his ability to put on muscle and get ready for the show extremely quickly. As noted before, the legs in his case atrophied greatly, which he accounts to not being able to train legs due to extreme knee pain from injuries. He plans to come back for more competition with an improved set of wheels, but for someone that is 51 years old and has only trained less than half a year for the contest, this was nothing short of amazing.


5. Darrem Charles (48 in picture)

Darrem has downsized to the new classic physique division and is doing extremely well in it. He is placing top 5 and winning classic physique shoes at the age of 48. Sure, he is not as big and round as before, and even if he put the size back on that he lost it would not look as impressive, but for someone closing in on 50 years old who competes many, many times per year, this is amazing.

6. Johnnie O. Jackson (age 46 in picture)

Johnnie Jackson has one of the best upper bodies in bodybuilding history. His thickness and density is bar none, but his legs have always been his biggest weakness and they are getting worse and worse as time goes on. However, Johnnie has had some respectable placings even at his current age, although he just announced retirement.

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