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Top 10 Bodybuilders With The Best Chests of All Time

Having a big chest is one of the most sought after body parts from the usual gym rat to the professional bodybuilder. Throughout the history of bodybuilding, some bodybuilders chests have been their genetic gift. Here is a list of the best chests, taking into consideration all of the poses that display the chest, from the past and present. 

#10. Lee Haney

Lee Haney shares the record of most Mr. Olympia victories with Ronnie Coleman, who both have won the competition 8 times. Lee attributes his chest development, like many others from this list, to classic heavy free weight barbell bench pressing.


#9. Lou Ferrigno

Being a bodybuilder nearly 6’5″ tall, Lou, like many other taller bodybuilders, had to add an extreme amount of size to look impressive on stage. His chest was one of his most notable bodyparts.


#8. Branch Warren

Branch Warren might not have the most pleasing structure, but like Johnnie Jackson, he has some very dense muscle. His chest is thick and full and the mass can even be seen quite well in his front double biceps shot.


7. Bertil Fox

A bodybuilder from the time of the Aesthetics, Bertil trained with high volume to carve his chest. He is now serving a life sentence for murder, but was among the best of the best during his prime.


#6. Johnnie Jackson

Can you say hard, dense, and ripped? Johnnie Jackson has a collection of very freaky bodyparts – his chest being one of them. A training partner of Branch Warren, Johnnie also relies on some powerlifting principles and is often seen bench pressing heavy weight. He is also considered one of the strongest bodybuilders of all time.


#5. Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman’s best muscular feature might be his jaw-dropping back, but his chest was a very well developed body part as well. Maybe it doesn’t get that much recognition because every other body part on Ronnie was just so good. Ronnie was also a bodybuilder that, at times, trained like a powerlifter, often times benching 500 pounds for reps.


#4. Dennis James

Dennis James may not have seen glory in his competitive bodybuilding years, but one of his freaky body parts was his extremely full chest.


#3. Franco Columbu

Franco was a legendary bodybuilder of a somewhat short stature. On stage he looked dwarfed compared to Arnold, but he definitely packed the muscle, and most notably had a great chest. His chest separation is unmatched even until today. His chest in particular is noticed for the separation that splits horizontally. Maybe the heavy bench presses that made Arnold look like a weakling had something to do with his chest development!


#2. Markus Ruhl

Maybe Markus hasn’t been the most winning bodybuilder of all time, and he might not have the most aesthetic physique, but you cannot deny that the mass in his chest is just incredible. His chest is so wide and full, it appears as if he’d have to squeeze his chest fully just to bring his hands together.


#1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold was probably most known as a bodybuilder for his very large, wide chest and his large arms. These two body parts along with a small waist is one of the biggest influences in how Arnold’s physique was displayed. His side chest, most notably, is considered by many people to still be beyond the best of the best even by today’s standards.


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