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Top Classic Physiques of 2016

The new Classic Physique division is a division that hopes to bring the lines, proportions, and aesthetics back to the IFBB while still allowing for some size to be held. It is as the name says – a promotion of physiques that were classic in the 70’s and 80’s, where waists were tight and bodybuilders still looked like they could tie their own shoes without being out of breath. Here is a list of top prospects that would do good, or are already doing good in the division.

Sadik Hadzovic


Sadik is similar to Dana Linn Bailey in that he probably has more followers and popularity than the current Mr/Ms Olympia, but seems to always land in second place. Sadik has a taller frame and is perfect for the classic physique division – with a build that is similar to legend Frank Zane. Sadik has had posing practice from Zane in the past with some trunks that may have helped boost the beginning of the classic physique division. He has a small waist, huge quads, great delts and an overall balanced physique that will put him immediately into the top Classic Physique rankings.

Cody Drobot


23-year-old Cody Drobat gained popularity after being featured on youtuber Luimarco’s channel, showcasing an insane vacuum and cartoonish proportions. He has a good amount of mass for the division and very classic lines. He could easily do very well in the new division, based on popularity and the usual political role.

Artemus Dolgin


Artemus is known mostly for his clothing line Golden Aesthetics and his very streamlined, aesthetic build. He doesn’t have as much mass as most of the others on this list, but has a great vacuum, extreme vascularity, and looks like zoolander to top it off. His arms and legs are lacking, placing him lower on this list overall.

Robert Timms


Tons of potential for who is representing the taller division if the classic physique competition. Robert has slightly weak legs, but insanely small joints and an Xframe that packs a lot of muscle for the division. Coached by Dennis James, Robert will be a great pro.

Chris Burnstead


Another feature on the youtube channel Luimarco, Chris sports crazy conditioning with great aesthetics. His goal appears to remain with bodybuilding, but he is right there with the classic physique standards, should he choose to hop in and give the division a shot.

Arash Rahbar


IFBB pro Arash Rahbar is hyped by many to be the number one contender to be the first Mr. Classic Physique Olympia. It isn’t an unwarranted prediction – he has great lines and structure and one of the best midsections I’ve seen. He is not my personal favorite as I feel his back poses could use more thickness and his legs could use more sweep, but still an awesome physique nonetheless. And, you never know how someone will look until they’re side-by-side with the competition.

Terrance Ruffin


An IFBB pro that is very reminiscent of Lee Labrada, Terrance decided to stick to the classic physique division and already has a pro win to his name. Great lines and a lot of muscle for a classic physique competitor, that could easily crossover and do very well in 212 shows as well.





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