What Causes Bubble Guts? Breaking It Down Scientifically

The latest attention to “bubble guts”, or listened abdomen seen more and more commonly in bodybuilders today, has gotten a lot of attention and even possibly the biggest contributing factor to the new Classic Physique division. Also known as a “GH gut” or even sometimes a “steroid gut”, these stomachs ruin physiques and cause proportions and symmetry to go out the window.

So WHAT exactly is causing these guts?

We’re going to break it down using as much science-based evidence and simple logic. The biggest contributing factor is how the stomach and midsection is genetically shaped, above drugs use, food, and whatever causes make it worsen. Because of the fact that we have those that DO take heavy amounts of food and drugs with minimal to no gut distention hints that some people will be more prone to it than others. But that doesn’t answer our question.

Out of those that are prone to it, WHY and when does their physique take a turn for the worse? I will say from the experience and testimomies of hundreds of competitive bodybuilders that have all used different variables, the number one common and significant factor was the regular consumption of food and insulin. Let’s think about it.

The majority of the insulin receptors are on your LARGE intestines. This is the organ that grows the most from Insulin usage, hence a dramatic difference between those that have never used insulin compared to when they begin.

Combine the fact that insulin users are usually at the level to where they’re trying to push the boundaries of total muscular size, a combination of heavy insulin use and heavy carb loading/food consumption is the remedy for a blown out belly. When you continually eat more and more volume of food, the stomach lining will stretch to compensate. The same way when you’re dieting and used to eating much less food, you will become full much quicker. Having stretched their stomachs to compensate for the tens of thousands of calories required per day, and then filling those stomachs with food – we have a very obvious culprit just in that.

As far as bloating specifically for a contest – we have more variables to consider. Carbohydrates can only be absorbed with the presence of water. When water is deprived through restriction and diuretics, then you add in (which sometimes are junky carbohydrates your body is not used to) an overabundance of carbohydrates, you have someone that has incredibly too much food in their stomach and not enough water to both glycogenate the muscles as well as properly digest the food. This is why it’s common during a show not to be able to use the bathroom. Water is one of the biggest issues with constipation.

Ronnie Coleman said himself, his weights used and performance did not improve with the use of insulin and growth hormones. Sure, his overall body size went up, but the proportions were ruined. Growth Hormone is definitely an addition to the size of the stomachs simply because the substance causes organ growth overall.

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