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Zack Kahn’s Workout Routine

Zack Kahn is a massive IFBB pro bodybuilder that is known for his very energetic personality and heavy training. He has been seen easily benching 500 lbs for reps on flat bench as well as incline. Here is his workout split and his chest routine.

Workout Split:

Monday: Chest and Triceps

Tuesday: Quads and Calves

Wednesday: Cardio and abs

Thursday: Back and Biceps

Friday: Shoulders and hamstrings

Sat+Sun: Off


Zack Kahn’s Chest Routine:

Bench press – 5 sets – 10-20 Reps

Incline Hammer Press – 4 sets – 8-15 reps

Pec Deck/Dumbbell Flye – 4 sets – 15 reps

Dips – 2 Sets – 20 Reps


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